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Sunday Session ~ Practice to ignite creativity, vitality and ease

One Sunday each season I’ll offer an extended class to creatively explore a theme in more depth.

We’ll stay attentive to clear alignment and flow in movement, integrate breath and awareness, and weave in discussion, contemplation, mantra, mudra and creative practices (e.g. journaling, collage, expressive movement, partner work) – making them complete mind, body, spirit and relational offerings.

Dates for 2019:

3 March {Courage}

9 May {Compassion}

8 September {Possibility}

24 November {Release}

2:30pm - 5pm

$45 each (Registrations open 1 month before)

OR $160 for all 4 workshops (available now)

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Essential Morning Practice ~ the next 5 week "challenge" starts 5 February 2019

Wake up and be guided through simple soulful embodied practices to start your day. Set yourself up for a new essential morning routine.

Start each day with clarity and intention with breathing practices, kriya and meditation. Experience the joy of your body moving, stretching, activating and strengthening through free movement and asana. A delicious and essential way to start your day. A class that's suitable for all levels.

Wednesdays, 6 February - 6 March 2019

6am - 7am



2 hour ~ Chakra Check-up ~ workshop to give you a taste of the full Chakra Immersion

16th or 17th February 2019

10am -12pm

$30 (deducted off the Immersion cost if you book in)


Chakra Immersion ~ March - September 2019

This is the one I've been dreaming of for years! A program that brings the esoteric wisdom contained in those rainbow whirls of psychic energy into your tangible, real, daily existence. We'll be using the chakras as a practical map for understanding your past and present, so you can enhance your gifts, overcome your obstacles, and learn to make clear, wise choices to guide your future.

I'll guide you and work alongside you to bring what I know of psychology, growth, healing, yoga, movement, posture, and breathing, into every day, soulful and pragmatic practices and rituals that you can begin to use straight away, and for the rest of your life!

Finer details and dates are yet to be firmed up but I’ll be running 2 workshops in January and February 2019 to give you all a “taste”.

Begins March - September 2019 - further details TBA

$850 {Registration open February 2019} - Payment plans made available

  • 8 workshops, 1 x every 3 weeks

  • 4-5 hr workshops on a Saturday afternoon

  • weekly check-in emails to encourage and support with practice reminders, videos and prompts

  • private FB and or IG group for connection and support

  • maximum 10 committed people