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Navigate life with skill & ease

Live fully in your mind, body & heart



Hello, I’m Mendy,

A clinical psychologist and yoga teacher
in West End, Brisbane.

And, I’m passionate about healing and personal growth.

My work is dedicated to helping you transform your life through mind, body
and heart-based practices.

I’ll help you build the tools and resources
to set aside old stories, connect to what’s important, and navigate life’s ups and downs with greater skill, confidence and ease.



For Individual & Couples 

Build awareness of what’s keeping you stuck, grow your repertoire of

resources to handle difficulty, and connect to the wisdom of your body,

mind and heart to live a fulfilling life.

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Yoga & Meditation

Medicine for the mind, body and spirit.

Weekly classes and private lessons to build focus, presence, confidence.

Grow inner and outer strength and flexibility.


Workshops &


Dive deeper into mind, body and heart-based practices

that weave together psychology, yoga and spirit.

For inspiration, growth and healing.


Connect with me

M: 0422 255 317


mendy neralic - painting-2407262_1920.jpg

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Upcoming Events


Essential Morning Practice ~
New 5 week commitment begins 1 May 2019

Sunday Session ~
Practice to ignite creativity, vitality and ease