Yoga & Meditation

Welcome to my beautiful, boutique yoga and meditation space.

I teach small classes in a relaxed atmosphere. So you’ll get more individual attention as you move, breathe, and feel.

I offer a block of yoga and meditation classes each season.

These are a curated series of practices designed to

  • unravel physical and mental knots

  • put you into direct contact with your true Self, and

  • unlock deep wisdom and knowing in your body, mind and heart.




The next 8 week block runs from week beginning

15 July - 2 September 2019 ☽

☀︎ Drop-ins welcome ☀︎

These classes include meditation, mantra, breath-work, and an exploration of poses that act as if unlocking codes in your mind and body ☽

Working with gentleness and discipline, the practice can help you release the mental, physical and energetic obstacles that keep you from seeing, feeling and acting as your authentic self ☽

For this next 8 week series, as we move from the cool, slow of Winter into the revivifying energy of Spring we’ll practice to honour this changing inner and outer climate. As inspiration, I’ll incorporate the delightful wisdom from The Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche ☽

Morning classes are generally more energising and vitalising. Evening classes are generally more soothing and down-regulating, but if the energy of the moment or the collective suggests a different vibe, I’ll go with that.

Choose your class time below and book online, or contact me to reserve your spot ☽

☀︎ All levels are catered for ☀︎

[ The casual rate is $25. Please just contact me to see if there’s a space for you … ]

THURSDAY EVENINGS ☾ 6:15 - 7:45pm

18 July - 5 September 2019



Begin your days with a ritual of simple, soulful embodied practices

☼ The next 5 week block begins on 7 August 2019 ☼

Use the gift of stillness and silence offered by the early morning to begin your day with clarity and intention ☀︎

This class dedicates 1/2 the practice to breath-work, kriya and meditation and 1/2 to the pure joy of your body moving, stretching, activating and strengthening through free movement and asana ☀︎

Bring a journal to annotate your intentions, dreams, visions and prayers ☀︎

A delicious and essential way to start your day ☀︎

☀︎ A class that's suitable for all levels ☀︎

[ … It’s definitely best to explore the whole series but drop-ins are welcome if there’s room. The casual rate is $25. Please just contact me to see if there’s a space for you … ]



7 August - 4 September 2019