Yoga & Meditation

Welcome to my beautiful, boutique yoga and meditation space.

I provide a relaxed and intimate atmosphere, with less mats, so you get more individual attention as you move, breathe, and feel.

Take and look at my class offerings below, and all the extra details you need to arrive and settle in.

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22 APRIL - JUNE 29 2019


Class Prices & Packs

CASUAL • 1.5 HR $25


10 classes (6 month expiry): $200


1 HR $120

3 x 1 HR LESSONS $300

What to bring

  • Mats and props are provided, but bring your own mat if you prefer.

  • If you're NEW, come 15 mins early to register and meet up - there's no need to pre-book.

  • EVERYONE arrive at least 5 minutes early to sign in and set up.

  • Payment by cash or card, OR you can buy passes at the studio.



MONDAYS @ 9AM • 1.5 HR

Hatha-Vinyasa ● Pranayama ● Meditation

Start the week with a clean slate. Set your intentions. A moderate to strong practice of mindful asana, with pranayama and meditations to balance things out. This class is for experienced students who can keep up with a steady, unhurried pace. As always modifications are offered and encouraged so students grow and progress safely.

THURSDAYS @ 6:15PM • 1.5 HR

Hatha-Vinyasa ● Pranayama ● Meditation

Release mind and body tensions that have built up across the day through a practice focusing on hips, neck and shoulders, gentle backbends and forward folds. Starts slightly more energetically to gradually bring you to a place of relaxed groundedness. Pranayama, meditation and yoga nidra also likely. A more challenging class if you're a beginner but there are always modifications and options suggested and provided 


Personalised sessions give you that little extra guidance and attention. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an experienced practitioner who'd like extra guidance, inspiration, or challenge. we’ll work together on what you need. This means you'll feel the effects of the practice more deeply, and carry the experience into your day and relationships more readily.

Your reason to get private lessons could be:

  • to get you started on a home practice of yoga, meditation or pranayama.

  • to grow strength and confidence and flexibility and ease.

  • focus and work on tricky poses with personalised alignment cues and adjustments.

  • to learn how to use your yoga practice to release physical and emotional stress and tensions.

  • yoga for anxiety or depression.

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Essential Morning Practice


The next 5 week “challenge” starts
1 May 2019

Wake up and be guided through simple soulful embodied practices to start your day. Set yourself up for a new essential morning routine.

Start each day with clarity and intention with breathing practices, kriya and meditation. Experience the joy of your body moving, stretching, activating and strengthening through free movement and asana. A delicious and essential way to start your day. A class that's suitable for all levels.


Yoga practice will make you strong and flexible - inside and out. By bringing together breath, movement, and awareness, it will teach you to slow down, notice more and be present and responsive to each moment. As you start to ease and untangle your physical knots, you’ll ease and untangle your mental knots.