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Hello, I’m Mendy, A clinical psychologist and yoga teacher in West End, Brisbane.

And, I’m passionate about healing and personal growth. My work is dedicated to helping you transform your life through mind, body and heart-based practices. I’ll help you build the tools and resources to set aside old stories, connect to what’s important, and navigate life’s ups and downs with greater skill, confidence and ease.

For as long a I remember, I’ve been deeply curious about what makes me and other people tick. I’ve wanted to find out the answers to those deep sizzling “meaning of life” questions – why do I feel-think-act this way? And why do other people sometimes feel-think-act that way? What motivates us? Can people change and grow? What am I /we here for?

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I’ve also always been sensitive, creative and hardworking. The things that bring me joy - making art, fashion, dancing, beauty, health, music, laughing, clever people, spirituality... Every day, in some way I try and bring these things into my life.


So it’s been my lifelong quest to seek answers to those big questions. Beyond my initial training in Psychology I’ve been on the hunt to learn and weave in interesting and creative approaches to help me understand myself better, so I can help you understand yourself better. I believe there’s no one approach that I can apply to everyone. You won’t get a cookie cutter experience from me!

What you will get is a customised special blend that’ll help you get inside to work things out.

Taking from mindfulness, yoga philosophy, Hakomi and sensorimotor psychotherapy*, to ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy), Schema Therapy and Neuroscience.

I believe in a using mind and body and spiritual practices to help you heal and grow, and live in way that celebrates your unique gifts and contribution to the world.

*I’m currently training for certification in this approach

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