As you work with me, you’ll get to know old, unhelpful patterns and shift them. You'll get in touch with how your emotions, thoughts, beliefs, memories and body all play a role in keeping your “problem” in play.

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I'll work with you to get to the heart of your "problem". You'll learn practical ways to get through difficult or painful moments - to balance your emotions with techniques to calm and self-soothe or activate and energise. You'll get very clear on where or how you'd like to grow to shift your situation. This may be in particular domains of your life or in character. You'll take responsibility. You'll get over yourself! and your old unhelpful habits and choices and begin to do things that are more clearly aligned with what is truly important to you, and helps you live in step with this.

Your experience in sessions will be connecting to the signals and sensations in your body, to access deeper knowledge and intuition about how to heal and grow. Once you receive this knowledge, your mind will be able to more clearly solve the practical way through.


60 MINUTES $200* • 90 MINUTES $290*

*Medicare and Private Health rebates available, see below for referral info



These sessions will help you both get clarity, and learn real skills to use everyday so you’re more engaged, confident and satisfied with yourself and in your relationship.

Initial sessions are about getting a clear picture of the what and why going on in your relationship. I’ll talk to you both together and separately over 3 sessions. Once we know the perspectives, beliefs, values, hurts and habits that you both bring into the relationship that contribute to your problems, we can begin “the work”. Regular, weekly sessions can help build momentum and motivation and is recommended initially and until you both feel confident to navigate the challenges of your relationship independently. 


60 MINUTES $270 • 90 MINUTES $370

What you need to know


You don't need a referral to see me for counselling, but you can get a Mental Healthcare Plan from your GP. This will entitle you to up to 10 sessions a year through Medicare. After your appointment, you'll pay for the session in full, then I’ll process your $124.50 rebate with Medicare. Make an appointment with your GP to discuss this option.


I’m available for appointments Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, between 8:15am and 4:15pm, and 1 Saturday morning a month. You can call or email me to make a booking. Available times are also visible on the online booking calendar.



You may be able to claim a refund from you private health fund for counselling or private yoga sessions. Contact your provider for details on your eligibility, rebates and the number of sessions allowed.


Please complete and bring these 2 forms with you to your first appointment. This will save you time during your session.